About My Therapy Style

My therapy style is gentle, warm, and thoughtful. I use a supportive, non-judgmental approach in working with my patients and practice compassion and kindness. I see each patient as a whole person—a unique individual—rather than a diagnosis or problem, and I work hard to understand each person’s life story, experiences, circumstances, and reasons that they are seeking therapy.


My therapy style is also interactive and collaborative. I actively listen to my patients and ask questions. I also offer my thoughts, feedback, and observations. Through this interactive process, I work with each patient to understand themselves and their issues and develop a treatment plan that is tailored to their specific needs.


I believe that change and growth is possible if the person is willing to work with the therapist and puts in the effort. As a therapist, I want to help patients do one or more of the following items:


·        Alleviate their emotional distress

·        Gain insight into their feelings

·        Learn ways to deal with feelings, such as sadness, worry, and stress

·        Change behaviors

·        Gain greater self-understanding and growth

·        Improve their well-being

·        Have more fulfilling and satisfying lives


I strive to provide a high standard of care and excellent treatment to my patients and practice with the utmost confidentiality. I respect and protect the privacy of my patients. With the exception of certain circumstances as mandated by my legal and ethical obligations as a psychologist, I will not disclose your information to anyone (e.g. a family member or employer) without your permission.



Frieda Wong, Ph.D.    Licensed Psychologist

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